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GOWEEZ article - Dynamique de l'équipe synergie et compétences de votre équipe

Dynamics of the cofounders: synergy and skills of your teams.

the dynamics and interaction between the co-founders, the technical team and the sales teams are essential. It is important to demonstrate the company’s overall strengths and flexibilities. We’re talking here about unique skills and different perspectives.

GOWEEZ_article - Définition de la pensée computationnelle, une compétence clé à l'aire de l'intelligence artificielle -

Definition of computational thinking, a key skill in artificial intelligence – AI

Defining computational thinking, a key skill that is important to take into account in the age of artificial intelligence. Increasingly, new generations will be required to think differently, organising both the problems identified and the solutions to be implemented. A different way of thinking to facilitate communication with Artificial Intelligence.

GOWEEZ - Définir les normes d'une collaboration saine avec ChatGPT avec GOWeeZ

GPT made my Pitch Deck

I created my pitch deck with ChatGPT. GOWeeZ gives you some advice on how to write your pitch deck. This synergy between human creativity and ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities promises a powerful result as soon as the oral and written expression is provided. We give you a few tips.

GOWeeZ - Quels sont les éléments à prendre en compte pour choisir le bon fonds d'investissements

What factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right investment fund?

Are you raising funds? At this crucial stage in your entrepreneurial journey, choosing the right investment fund can make all the difference. This is where we turn our attention to the essential features that the fund should have to effectively support your vision and propel your business to new heights. Here are just a few points.

Guide pour préparer un pitch deck efficace - Goweez article

Guide to work on an effective pitch deck for investors

An attractive pitch deck is crucial for convincing investors: it captures attention, communicates ideas clearly and reinforces the credibility of the project.
A visually striking presentation increases the chances of success. Here’s how to do it, with a few tips presented by Fabrice Clément, to follow but above all to personalise.

GOWeeZ - Comment définir un objectif clair pour tout projet reposant sur de l'intelligence artificielle (IA).

How to define a clear objective for any project based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is very much in demand in the fields of software development and IT security, and the possibilities are immense as it becomes a powerful tool for carrying out a variety of tasks efficiently. Its ability to learn, understand and communicate is obvious. We’d like to give you a few tips on the mindset and ability to set goals with AI as part of a professional project.

GOWeeZ - I.A intelligence artificielle - processus audit et qualité

Why use A.I. in auditing and quality processes ?

Today artificial intelligence, is used in all business sectors. Audit and quality control experts can also use simple tools such as Chat GPT, or go further in terms of automation with generative artificial intelligence. The main target is to save time and monitor quality procedures more effectively.
In increasingly complex systems, A.I. can easily be the right tool to support the Auditor or Quality Manager on a daily basis.

GOWeeZ - Les évolutions du métier de commercial dans la data et le digital
Business Intelligence

Changes in the sales profession in data and SaaS software

Sales are also relationship sales. All business success is based on relationships. The best customers are the people you like and the people who like you. 85% of your recommendations and referrals will come from people who like you, firstly as an individual and secondly as a professional.

GOWEEZ _Synergies Stratégiques entre SEO et SEA dans le Commerce en Ligne

Strategic synergies between SEO and SEA in e-commerce

Today, Google finds it difficult to identify you as an operator/actor/opinion leader on products in your sector from your homepage or other group of pages. Text structure and optimisation based on your target audience. Your context and the quality of your keywords will ensure that you have a good image with Google. This will also be reflected in your media spend.

GOWeeZ - RFID performance des ventes avec Retail Reload

How Data and RFID are driving retail performance

RFID also enhances in-store performance for sales staff. Not only does it optimise product location, it also enables real-time management of product availability. This technology is becoming a sales assistant’s best friend during sales periods! Retail Reload has come up with an effective performance solution for all these elements, with its technology that has won over LACOSTE and its Flagship shop on the Champs-Elysées.

GOWeeZ - Pitchdeck - Pain Point - Les éléments clés

The Key Points of your pitch-deck to be relevant in front of the investor

To succeed in raising funds from investors, an entrepreneur needs to highlight a number of important points in his pitch. Problem to solve or Pain Point, Value Proposition, target market definition, business model, team, market traction, Go-To-Market strategy, barriers to entry and many other points presented in this article.

GOWEEZ News - Investissement dans les PME : Nouvelles mesures

New measures to support investment in innovation

Here are details of the 2024 measures to boost investment in growth and disruptive innovation companies (JEIC and JEIR). These measures support start-ups in four ways. Finance, with an appeal to help raise funds. Human resources, with help with recruitment. Access to public procurement. And finally, Research and Development, with help to accelerate the research tax credit (CIR).

GOWEEZ_Intelligence Artificielle au Cœur de la Compétitivité des Entreprises

Artificial intelligence at the heart of business competitiveness

These days, technological change is emerging as the main catalyst for competitiveness. Within this constantly changing panorama, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as an essential driving force. It is redefining the boundaries of operational efficiency and innovation. This article explores how AI, as a powerful technological tool.

Goweez article-Konatus-octavian-dan-unsplash

KONATUS, A.I. for your projects (PPM)

MY PITCH IS GOOD interview with Max Stellmacher and Martin delattre, co-founders of KONATUS, at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Paris. Find out more about their pitch!

GOWEEZ article: secteurs-sectors-markus-winkler-unsplash

The most relevant sectors to invest in for a 3-year exit

The article discusses investment opportunities with a 3-5 year horizon in various sectors. It highlights the potential for growth in AI, digital, education, and biodiversity sectors, emphasizing the importance of making informed financial decisions.

article GOWEEZ: recruitment - recrutement - cytonn-photography - unsplash

Recruitment Trends in the Digital Transformation Sector!

In this article, we explore the current trends in the fields of consulting and recruitment, particularly in the context of digital transformation. Learn how businesses are strategically blending these approaches to attract and retain young talent, fostering innovation and staying competitive in digital landscape.

GOWeeZ: unsplash-robynne-hu

Leveraging AI for Your Startup: 10 Essential Tools

In this article, we explore 10 AI tools for content creation, graphic design, logo and brand development, video production, and web/app development. By incorporating these tools, startups can enhance efficiency and achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Article Header image - Mon iPhone n'a pas de conscience

My iPhone still have no Consciousness

We share with you some spiritual thoughts about A.I and Awareness. A point of view from Eckhart Tolle, Consciousness can’t be supported by Artificial Intelligence.



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