Neil Harbisson: the first Cyborg Man in conference

Neil was born in 1982 with a rare pathology called Achromatopsia, a total color blindness that does not allow him to distinguish colors since he can see!

During this TED conference, he presents a device fixed on his head which allows him to transform colors into audible frequencies.

Thus, instead of seeing a world in shades of gray, Neil Harbisson can clearly “hear” a symphony of color. The different frequencies allow him to associate a note to a color. No doubt that the exercise requires to have a good ear not to say the “A of Verdi”.

Neil declares himself as the first recognized human who has been declared as a cyborg. And that in all legality !

Indeed, after an operation, he had an antenna implanted in his head. This one is connected in his brain. It goes through the meninges!

It could have been a device which acts in osteo acoustic resonance with his skull.

Or it could have been a small microphone that sends sounds through his skull. No, he had it physically implanted through the meninges

We recommande to watch this conference of this incredible man at TED !

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