My iPhone still have no Consciousness

An article that wants to push you in your tracks on the analysis you could make of this world.

This question was asked to Eckhart Tolle (Bio) : “Can A.I become self-aware”. 



Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness


This leads us into a reflection that pushes us towards a spiritual science-fiction, according to Eckhart Tolle.

Indeed, the current mainstream of science has no real answer to this question. Just a few guesses based on assumptions.

Remember a few months ago a famous Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, worked for 10 years on the A.I. called theMDA.

He had declared that the A.I. had developed the consciousness of a 14 years old child (read the article in French in Numerama)

On the other hand, a successful author like Eckhart Tolle, world famous, answers with a lot of humor: “For the moment my iPhone has not become conscious… I look at it every day but no…””

Is the truth elsewhere ?

The question to ask is this : 

Is it possible for a machine to become self-aware by developing consciousness ?



The facts are here.


Mankind, since the dawn of time, has always had a desire to develop certainties based on his scientific knowledge of the moment. Worse, he has always had the hubris to think that he is stronger than life or nature, without even realizing that something beyond him is much greater than what maintains him in his poor existence..

Today again the James Webb telescope has unveiled explicit photos that challenge the scientific community. The thesis of the Big Bang seems to be erroneous.

The evolution of humanity goes through certainties that are questioned. This is done as technology allows to demonstrate it by applying the necessary intellectual honesty.  Read the article in French (futurascience



GOWeeZ - Eckhart Tolle - dylan-nolte-l0B4vqlUWrw-unsplash



The question to ask is the following : 

Is it possible for a machine to become aware of itself by developing a consciousness ?


How to define consciousness.


Eckhart Tolle takes the subject in this form.

Consciousness has as its origin the consciousness. So, is consciousness created by the physical brain or is consciousness independent of the brain and only manifests itself through the brain, like a radio would produce the structure of the broadcast, but would only be the medium that would receive this structure to translate it into a broadcast ?

Thus the sentence produced from the broadcasting studio becomes identical to the one heard in the transistor.

According to Eckhart Tolle, consciousness is not produced by the brain, but it uses the brain.

In this case, is it possible that a machine reaches such a complexity, that it can become a medium of consciousness like the brain ?

On the other hand, by asking this question, are we heading towards this Trans-humanism decried by all or a part which assures us a symbiosis between the biogenic and the non-biogenic ?

Is it the man who goes towards the machine or the machine who goes towards the man?

The limit is delicate because according to some of this world, the man must pass by an adaptation to his imperfections with the machine quite to become a semi-biological computer.

I want to prove this with the developments in progress at Neuralink with this implant called “The Link“.



What about Emotion ?


However, there is a variable that is never taken into account by our futurologists and avid new technologies contemporaries, and for good reason…

This variable is unmanageable from a computer or an A.I. because even the latter will only fake its production by taking into account data on past situations.

This is the case of the numerous start-ups that have staked everything on “DeathTech” (Just by writing it, one perceives a flaw in the statement). This is the case of companies like: Re:Memory, or other companies that create a digital double and a “deadbot”. This apparently helps with mourning. An interesting article from the Journal des Femmes, to read on this topic 



An A.I. does not have goose bumps


The variable we are talking about is emotion. A machine cannot have emotion. It doesn’t have the capacity to be overwhelmed by a sad movie passage, a piece of Chopin’s classic or the voice of a Diva that will make us shiver. Because it is not mathematical and does not take into account a history of digital data skillfully used by an algorithm or an A.I.

This flesh-of-the-hen is nicknamed the SkinOrgasm. Some people can, at a moment, feel it and others not.

We advise you to read this superb article (in french) of Traxx son this study led for 50 years by this researcher Amani El-Alayli, professor of social psychology at Eastern Washington.



An A.I has never felt pain


Another element that remains here in each of us, is also his own perception of the world around him at the moment and in the conditions that are specific to him.

This perception can only be personal, even if identical, there will always remain a difference. It will be the result emanating from an own history and an appreciation in relation to all the elements which compose it.

We leave aside here the works on social engineering and the gregarious approach of man.

In an individual way, without any influence, a course, a history, a desire, a lack will make translate a reaction or a resentment differently to a music, the passage of a film or an information, even if the result is identical: shivers, tears with more or less intensity.



For the time being, an AI does not pray, does not meditate!


Without consciousness, it is incapable of developing its capacities for peace and well-being as certain meditation techniques can allow.


Answer Chat GPT IA (english)


Finally, an A.I. cannot, for the moment, absorb the ineffable and impalpable belief of the individual in something much greater than him.

But here we enter a loop that will require answering the question posed above: “who will benefit from the other or in other words, is it the machine that receives the man or the man who receives the machine



We invite you to watch this vidéo interview from Eckhart Tolle  : 

Credit photo : Photo by Dapo Abideen from Pexels


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