Artificial Intelligence and New Customer Experiences

Challenge the status quo and identify new methods and uses.

GOWeeZ collaborates with you in the strategic analysis of your vision for new digital levers and channels.

We work with you on creating and developing new customer experiences. We aim to improve your customer’s empathy towards your brand by addressing friction points throughout the entire customer acquisition channel.

Defining your Data Governance

Data Legacy and Data Catalog in line with responsible data management.

Define the architectures to meet future developments. Setting up a roadmap towards new data consumption patterns. Forward-looking and visionary approach to emerging data uses. We assist you in anticipating tomorrow’s game-changers.

We provide expert guidance in tackling these complex and strategic challenges.

Where is my data - behind you 

We partner with you in your data-driven considerations for your customer touchpoints and journeys. This includes integrating current and future payment methods. Securing and authenticating purchase journeys, as well as exploring authentication methods on the blockchain.

GOWeeZ has worked on numerous projects and companies in the development of proof of concepts (POCs), with a focus on optimizing digital channels for a “Phygitale” (Physical + Digital) experience.

Creating e-commerce websites, developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and conducting Proof of Concepts (POCs).

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Data governance

Gathering needs, Analysis of the existing system, Flow mapping

Assistance with decision-making, Roadmap, Strategy Implementation

Data Quality, Structuring, Data Legacy

IT Systems, Data Urbanization

Data Marketing, Automation

Migration, Data Management Platform (DMP), Data Warehouse, Data Lake

Digitalization of processes, identification of friction points, optimization of customer journeys

Customer journeys, e-commerce, Search Experience Optimization (SXO)

Systems interoperability, API development

Benchmarking, Identification of technical solutions, Omnichannel system

Iteration cycle, Lean & Agile method, QuickWin

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
GOWEEZ article - Dynamique de l'équipe synergie et compétences de votre équipe

Dynamics of the cofounders: synergy and skills of your teams.

the dynamics and interaction between the co-founders, the technical team and the sales teams are essential. It is important to demonstrate the company's overall strengths and flexibilities. We're talking here about unique skills and different perspectives.
GOWEEZ_article - Définition de la pensée computationnelle, une compétence clé à l'aire de l'intelligence artificielle -

Definition of computational thinking, a key skill in artificial intelligence – AI

Defining computational thinking, a key skill that is important to take into account in the age of artificial intelligence. Increasingly, new generations will be required to think differently, organising both the problems identified and the solutions to be implemented. A different way of thinking to facilitate communication with Artificial Intelligence.
GOWEEZ - Définir les normes d'une collaboration saine avec ChatGPT avec GOWeeZ

GPT made my Pitch Deck

I created my pitch deck with ChatGPT. GOWeeZ gives you some advice on how to write your pitch deck. This synergy between human creativity and ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities promises a powerful result as soon as the oral and written expression is provided. We give you a few tips.
GOWeeZ La Neuroatypie Un atout a prendre en compte dans votre stratégie RSE et de Ressources Humaines.

Neurodiversity: An asset to be taken into account in your CSR and Human Resources strategy

In today's business landscape, recognition of neurodiversity (IHP) is becoming a priority in your CSR or HR strategy. With our expert in neurodiversity management Catherine Cornil, we help companies embrace cognitive diversity. Companies need to integrate this perspective into all levels of their management. We explain why!
GOWeeZ - Quels sont les éléments à prendre en compte pour choisir le bon fonds d'investissements

What factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right investment fund?

Are you raising funds? At this crucial stage in your entrepreneurial journey, choosing the right investment fund can make all the difference. This is where we turn our attention to the essential features that the fund should have to effectively support your vision and propel your business to new heights.
Guide pour préparer un pitch deck efficace - Goweez article

Guide to work on an effective pitch deck for investors

An attractive pitch deck is crucial for convincing investors: it captures attention, communicates ideas clearly and reinforces the credibility of the project. A visually striking presentation increases the chances of success. Here's how to do it, with a few tips presented by Fabrice Clément, to follow but above all to personalise.