Artificial Intelligence and New Customer Experiences

Challenge the status quo and identify new methods and uses.

GOWeeZ collaborates with you in the strategic analysis of your vision for new digital levers and channels.

We work with you on creating and developing new customer experiences. We aim to improve your customer’s empathy towards your brand by addressing friction points throughout the entire customer acquisition channel.

Defining your Data Governance

Data Legacy and Data Catalog in line with responsible data management.

Define the architectures to meet future developments. Setting up a roadmap towards new data consumption patterns. Forward-looking and visionary approach to emerging data uses. We assist you in anticipating tomorrow’s game-changers.

We provide expert guidance in tackling these complex and strategic challenges.

Where is my data - behind you 

We partner with you in your data-driven considerations for your customer touchpoints and journeys. This includes integrating current and future payment methods. Securing and authenticating purchase journeys, as well as exploring authentication methods on the blockchain.

GOWeeZ has worked on numerous projects and companies in the development of proof of concepts (POCs), with a focus on optimizing digital channels for a “Phygitale” (Physical + Digital) experience.

Creating e-commerce websites, developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and conducting Proof of Concepts (POCs).

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Data governance

Gathering needs, Analysis of the existing system, Flow mapping

Assistance with decision-making, Roadmap, Strategy Implementation

Data Quality, Structuring, Data Legacy

IT Systems, Data Urbanization

Data Marketing, Automation

Migration, Data Management Platform (DMP), Data Warehouse, Data Lake

Digitalization of processes, identification of friction points, optimization of customer journeys

Customer journeys, e-commerce, Search Experience Optimization (SXO)

Systems interoperability, API development

Benchmarking, Identification of technical solutions, Omnichannel system

Iteration cycle, Lean & Agile method, QuickWin

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
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