We offer consulting services for all stages of development regardless of its maturity. Since 2016, we have been providing our expertise in strategy and innovation management for start-ups, SMEs and corporations.

This ability to adapt allows us to help the leader or manager with their challenges. From the collection of information, to the definition of a roadmap, and up to its execution with the support of the necessary resources or investments.

GOWeeZ accompanies you with our team of experts to create or strengthen your value proposition. Challenge your technological architecture, and start your fundraising project from the beginning by providing expertise in the oral presentation of the pitch and the elaboration of the documents necessary to convince.

GOWeeZ - what you want to say - what they are interested In

From the collection of requirements from the business, to the benchmarking of solutions and frameworks, we work with you to develop your business roadmap. We define the important steps and objectives in the development of your project.

Our role is to facilitate communication between the business and the technical aspects, always keeping a “business oriented” approach.

Project management, Auditing of existing systems, definition of IT environments, data architectures, and information systems.

Definition of the team, follow-up of sprints, lean method, and iteration on short cycle (Agile or XP), provide support to the pivot.

Strategy Definition

Business model definition, Target Analysis and Value Proposition

Go-To-Market approach – Conquest strategy, Business Development

People – Expertise Reinforcement & Team Optimization

Value Architecture: Design and development (POC, MVP, Applications,…)

Data & Self-Service B.I, Performance Management

Artificial Intelligence, New uses and customer experiences, Payment

Benchmark, tool selection and implementation

A.I, New usages, payment and customer experiences, SXO

Open Innovation, incubator, accelerator Start-up Studio

Pitch Competition, Networking Events



Every year, GOWeeZ helps numerous companies to accelerate their growth by providing “Smart Money” financing.

We propose to our network of private investors the files that we consider to be of high interest.

Rounds generally range from 300,000 Euros to 5 Million Euros.

From a few days on mission inside the organization, we can get an idea of the coherence of the team, and identify areas of friction or points for improvement.

We do not take the risk of presenting a proposal to our network if we are not in phase with the project, its maturity, its vision, its team and its product traction.

Business plan, Pitch-deck, Executive Summary, market traction, use-case

CSR, Risk Managment 

External growth

Finance, Fundraising, Debt

Accompaniment and follow-up of the financial file

From the creation of a POC / MVP to the implementation of governance. From the definition of strategies to the complexity of solutions and architectures (Payment, Data, Web 3.0, Blockchain,...), GOWeeZ brings you the resources and experts to strengthen your teams. This can be done on a one-off basis or
GOWeeZ brings you its pen in the writing of useful elements for fundraising (Executive Summary, Pitch-Deck, Case Studies). We highlight the strong elements of your project to demonstrate a Product Market Fit, and a market traction.
GOWeeZ brings you strategic analysis and support in the development of your digital distribution channels, taking into account the new uses and personalization of customer experiences. Improving the fluidity of interactions, guaranteeing the security of the journey, and reducing areas of friction by providing Artificial Intelligence.