Innovation strategy

Strategy and Innovation

From the creation of a POC / MVP to the implementation of governance.

From the definition of strategies to the complexity of solutions and infrastructures (Payment, Data, Web 3.0, Blockchain,…).

GOWeeZ brings you the resources and expertise to reinforce your teams. This can be done on a one-off basis or on a longer term basis.

Tell us about your project, and we will define your roadmap together. We share our thoughts on the existing situation with an external eye, and ways to confront assumptions and challenge the status quo.

Finally, we will provide the functional and strategic skills to execute and maintain the scope of work.


Understanding a Project

1) Defining the objective, identifying problems, and determining solutions for the expected quick-win results.

2) Defining the functional specifications or requirements.

3) Iterative and lean management-based design and development, in collaboration with the business.

4) “Test and learn” approach for V0 on primary features, market evaluation, and addition of secondary features.

5) Launching, communication, and defining the go-to-market strategy.

6) Inputs, optimization, and improvement.

GOWeeZ - Vision Projet MVP (ENG)

GOWeeZ brings you its pen in the writing of useful elements for fundraising (Executive Summary, Pitch-Deck, Case Studies). We highlight the strong elements of your project to demonstrate a Product Market Fit, and a market traction.
We offer the appropriate services at all stages of your development, regardless of its maturity. Since 2016, we bring our expertise in strategy and innovation management for young companies, ETI and group.
GOWeeZ brings you strategic analysis and support in the development of your digital distribution channels, taking into account the new uses and personalization of customer experiences. Improving the fluidity of interactions, guaranteeing the security of the journey, and reducing areas of friction by providing Artificial Intelligence.