The interconnection of solutions or the need for P.O.C.

The interconnection of technological solutions plays an essential role in the smooth running of modern organisations. This is where the responsibility of the Technological Innovation Engineers specialising in interconnecting solutions comes into play.

This starts with the design, implementation and management of connections between different data and digital solutions within the organisation (complex interconnection).

This is a key role, involving the creation of effective gateways and interfaces to enable data flows to flow smoothly, while ensuring that solutions within the I.S. are fully interoperable. Optimising workflows adds value to the organisation.

What are their main responsibilities?


Needs analysis and evaluation of solutions for these interconnections.

The engineers works closely with the technical teams. They work with stakeholders and businesses to understand the needs of the organisation in terms of solution integration, identifying the obstacles to use and the points of friction, evaluating the different technological options available and recommending appropriate solutions.


Design of architecture and integrations.

From the global architecture defined, they set up actions within the framework of integrations by identifying the best means or developments to connect systems and applications in order to meet functional and technical requirements. The Data Architect identifies the protocols, data formats and standards to be used, as well as best practices for security and performance.

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Development and configuration

We develop and configure the connectors. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). We are also working on the other components necessary to establish the connections between the solutions and applications. Existing integration tools can be used. But also to develop personalised solutions according to the specific needs of the organisation.

Tests and Validation.

Once the connections are in place, extensive testing is performed to ensure that the data streams are working and that all data is being processed correctly. Processes and automations are properly programmed. The interactions between the solutions are fluid. Finally, we identify and resolve any problems or incompatibilities, and we optimise the performance of the integration system.


Maintenance and Support

Finally, the Technological Innovation Engineers specialising in the interconnection of solutions ensure the continuous maintenance of the integration system. They monitor performance, applies necessary updates and provides technical support to users. A monitoring job takes place. They also remain on the lookout for new technologies and market developments to propose improvements and innovations.

In summary :

These people design and implement effective connections between different technology solutions within an organisation. Their role is essential, facilitating data exchange by optimising workflows. Creating value in technology assets with seamless systems integration is part of their duties. They are responsible for creating prototypes or functional demonstrations that validate the potential of these concepts with the business lines. 

The engineers are fully associated with a Proof of Concept development activity, and the creation of new applications/features. As a Designer of Innovative Solutions, they work the full length, closely with stakeholders, be they technical teams, business managers or customers, to understand their needs. With force of proposal, they identify opportunities for innovation and proposes viable solutions. They play a key role in assessing technical feasibility, implementing PoCs to justify future investments. Finally, this conductor must have a solid understanding of emerging technologies. He also does technology monitoring.


Photo credit: Austin Distel

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 These engineers work closely with the technical teams.


They work with stakeholders and businesses to understand the needs of the organisation in terms of solution integration, identifying the obstacles to use, the points of friction, the different technological options available, and recommend appropriate solutions

Article written by Christophe Rolland

Consultant Tech Lead pour GOWeeZ

With 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Christophe is familiar with the management of complex digital marketing and innovation projects. He shapes tailor-made marketing tools (Design pattern MVC under Fat-Free Framework, etc.). Development of MVP for GOWeeZ. He works on needs where data is the cornerstone to value architecture.

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