GPT made my Pitch Deck

ChatGPT made my Pitch Deck!

Is it serious? It depends!

Communication is essential to entrepreneurial success. Creating a powerful pitch deck is often the first step towards the success of a start-up or innovative project. (Read our article

However, designing a pitch requires creativity, precise data and a deep understanding of your target audience. It is often advisable to have several pitch decks.

The integration of artificial intelligence, in particular with ChatGPT, emerges as a “promising strategy” or not.

The integration of ChatGPT into the pitch deck creation process offers entrepreneurs a set of tools and valuable resources for refining their ideas and presenting their concepts more convincingly.

This synergy between human creativity and ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities promises a powerful result.

In this article, we will explore in depth the role that ChatGPT can play in such collaboration.

Define the standards for an accurate cooperation with ChatGPT.

Working with ChatGPT can be fruitful if you observe a few key principles.

First of all, maintain mutual respect for this artificial intelligence. It sounds silly to say it, but act as if you were talking to a colleague.

An intelligible prompt should reflect the author’s ability to generate performance with his generative AI.

You’ll need to opt for clear, concise communication to ensure smooth exchanges.

Patience is essential, as ChatGPT can sometimes provide incomplete answers. So give them constructive feedback to improve the exchange.

An essential rule: make sure you protect your personal data during interactions.

Use it responsibly and avoid spreading incorrect information. ChatGPT works on the basis of available data; if this is false or the information is not readily available or is false, hallucination may occur.

Finally, be aware of ChatGPT’s limitations when it comes to realistic expectations. The data is not up to date over the last few years.

Statistics, performance and other barometers are not relevant to ask ChatGPT for. On the other hand, take pleasure in the techniques, types of graphics and other high-impact visuals in a pitch deck.

By following these principles, you can make the most of this collaboration while ensuring respectful and productive interactions.

GOWEEZ - Définir les normes d'une collaboration saine avec ChatGPT avec GOWeeZ


I’m fluent in Prompt

Expressing yourself well in a prompt is of vital importance. It ensures clear and effective communication.

In a prompt, every word counts to convey the message accurately and unambiguously.

Careful, intelligible expression ensures that the AI understands the subject immediately. This avoids misunderstandings and erroneous or approximate interpretations.

What’s more, good wording shows that the author’s thinking is organised and structured.

It therefore reflects intellectual rigour.

Finally, in a context where interaction often takes place through digital interfaces, the quality of written expression is becoming increasingly important to maintain the link and clarity of exchanges.

The code used to be important, but now the future belongs to those who can express themselves orally and in writing in a powerful and performative way.

For example, on an artistic prompt, you’ll need to improve it as you go along (For MidJourney, translate your prompts into English). …

Prompt for generating artistic works using AI :

Generate a futuristic metropolis skyline at dusk with neon-lit skyscrapers reflected in a rain-soaked street

GOWeeZ - Générer un horizon de métropole futuriste au crépuscule avec des gratte-ciels éclairés au néon

Other prompts we’ve already seen are veritable poems. Have you ever tried a prompt from a fable by Jean de La Fontaine? 🙂

Some examples of prompts to use when writing your pitch deck with ChatGPT

These prompts are examples that will provide the starting point for the exchange you will have with ChatGPT.

Of course, here are some examples of requests that an entrepreneur might make to ChatGPT to create his pitch deck:

Here are each point formulated as a full prompt:

Mission and Vision Statement: “ChatGPT, I want our mission statement to reflect our commitment to innovation and positive impact. Could you write a concise statement that captures the essence of our business and inspires our audience to rally behind us?”

Market Analysis: “ChatGPT, our success depends largely on our understanding of the market. Can you provide a detailed analysis of our target market, including current trends, competitive dynamics and emerging opportunities?”

Product/Service Presentation: “ChatGPT, I want our presentation to clearly describe the distinguishing features of our product. Could you write a concise but powerful description that highlights our competitive advantages and encourages our audience to engage?”

Monetisation Strategy: “ChatGPT, we need to explore different monetisation strategies to ensure the viability of our business. Could you outline several monetisation models relevant to our industry and explain the pros and cons of each?”

Visual Elements: “ChatGPT, visual elements are key to engaging our audience. Do you have any suggestions for graphics or visuals that could enhance the visual impact of our pitch deck and make our concepts more accessible?”

Testimonials and References: “ChatGPT, customer testimonials and references reinforce the credibility of our proposition. Could you help me identify convincing testimonials or references that support our market positioning?”

SWOT analysis: “ChatGPT, a detailed SWOT analysis will help us better understand our market positioning. Could you articulate our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a clear and concise way?”

Call to Action: “ChatGPT, our presentation needs to inspire our audience to take action. Could you formulate a powerful and motivating call to action sentence that encourages our audience to explore our offering further or contact us to find out more?”

Sources: Always check the figures provided by ChatGPT

Once the aesthetics and plan of your pitch deck match your project, you have an obligation to check the sources!

ChatGPT will give you the figures but will not give you the sources unless you ask for them with a certain amount of editorial agility.

That’s when the collaboration with the machine ends. You need to control your value proposition by providing sourced data that is as accurate as possible.

ChatGPT does not have the capacity to provide a level of performance on its figures. It will be able to provide you with a trend using percentages. But the source of this trend will never be shared.

At GOWeeZ, we support companies in their pitch challenges with MY PITCH IS GOOD.

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Article written by Fabrice Clément

Advisor dans l'art du Pitch - Révéler votre art oratoire avec GOWeeZ. et MY PITCH IS GOOD !

J'ai réalisé mon pitch deck avec ChatGPT. GOWeeZ vous donne quelques conseils sur les formulations à suivre dans le cadre de la rédaction de votre pitch deck. Cette synergie entre la créativité humaine et les capacités de traitement de langage naturel de ChatGPT promet un résultat percutant dès lors que l'expression orale et écrite est fournie. on vous donne quelques conseils.

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Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a sophisticated method for making Large Language Models (LLMs) even more efficient. It adds new capabilities to generative AI by retrieving more up-to-date and accurate data
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