A Glory day for the French Golf with Céline Boutier

Céline Boutier is a talented 29-year-old golfer. She has just achieved a major feat by winning her first Grand Slam title in majestic fashion on the LPGA Tour: the Amundi Evian Championship.

Before her, only 2 Frenchwomen had achieved this feat. Catherine Lacoste in 1967 and Patricia Meunier-Lebouc in 2003.

Today, she is ranked 4th in the world thanks to this victory.

She is now the most successful Frenchwoman on tour, having won 3 majors.

This 8th place in the world ranking has never before been achieved in France, by either male or female golfers.

French professional golfers are unanimous in expressing their deepest respect for her. She has just gone down in golfing history.


Céline Boutier’s victory. Sport and entrepreneurship: what are the special, structuring links between women’s sporting competition and women’s entrepreneurship?


This century has seen a significant and growing evolution in the place of women in society.

Two areas are playing a key role in this transformation.

Women’s sport and entrepreneurship



The story of Céline Boutier

Although these two environments seem distinct, they share deep and positive links that contribute to the emancipation of women.

In this article, we explore the relationship between women’s sporting competition and women’s entrepreneurship. We highlight their impact on gender equality and women’s independence.


Self-confidence? YES! Céline Boutier was confident right to the end of the competition !


Taking part in amateur or competitive sport helps women to develop their self-confidence. It also translates into a fighting spirit and determination.

In this way, physical and mental challenges on the sports field are overcome.

What’s more, female athletes learn to set themselves ambitious goals and to persevere in order to achieve them.

This self-confidence and determination are major assets for success in the business world as an entrepreneur.

Taking risks and managing obstacles, more than ever in Golf, are skills that can be acquired and worked on.

As a result, women who have played competitive sport are often better prepared to face entrepreneurial challenges ?


Leadership and team management: Céline Boutier led not only her team to victory, but an entire sport and an entire nation !


Even if golf is a sport where the competition is above all against oneself, the fact remains that the notion of teamwork is essential.

A victory like Céline’s on a Tour Major can only be achieved through mental and physical preparation, because the team and the choice of collaborators are important.

For example, women who play football at a high level develop leadership skills and the ability to manage complementarity.

On the pitch, they learn to work with other athletes, make quick decisions and inspire their team-mates.

These leadership skills are obviously transferable to the business world.

Women entrepreneurs need to lead their teams, communicate effectively and motivate their employees.

Sport becomes an eye-opener for women, enabling them to become dynamic and effective leaders. It reinforces their potential as entrepreneurs.


Vision and inspiration. Yes! Céline Boutier had a dream: to win a Major in France like the one in Evian.


More than ever, the emancipation of women’s sport has led to an increase in the visibility of female athletes,

True role models for younger generations of women aspiring to succeed in any field, including entrepreneurship.

When girls see sportswomen succeeding in sport and overcoming gender stereotypes, they are motivated and encouraged to pursue their dreams.

This has created a favourable environment for women to set up their own businesses. They feel inspired by the achievements of these female athletes.

They feel confident and ready to achieve great things in their field.


What makes a Champion ?


Sport helps to develop confidence and determination, leadership and management skills. Skills that are essential for success as a sportswoman or entrepreneur.

Inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams is enhanced by achievements such as that of Céline Boutier.

By encouraging more women to take part in sport and to become entrepreneurs, society can move towards a greater dynamic of gender equality, with a balanced representation of women in all aspects of life.

That’s why the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE is active in helping women to become entrepreneurs. From the outset, with the help of Femmes Business Angels, we’ve been working to attract as many women entrepreneurs, investors, golfers and non-golfers as possible!

So if you’re a woman with an entrepreneurial project, come and meet other women at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE.

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If you’d like to see the Highlights from the final day, it’s below.




The Sport Values.

A historic moment that will go down in the history of French golf. Golf has strong values that we like to highlight at GOWeeZ.

It reminds us of this Amateur’s superb victory in the US OPEN : Michael Block

Un article que nous avions plaisir à écrire à l’époque.

Depuis 2016, au START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, nous avons eu également nos moments de bonheur avec des participants sympathiques, des exploits, des sourires et beaucoup de moments riches.

Des rencontres à forte valeur et des liens se sont créés grâce à cette journée exclusive sur un golf.

La compétition ou l’initiation offre des moments privilégiés qui viennent désacraliser la relation.


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