Michael Block, the fabulous story of a golf instructor

We love individual destinies, but we also love sport. Indeed, GOWeeZ supports the event of l’ASAGE golf competition for which we are a partner. GOWeeZ launched in 2016 the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE.

We’re going to tell you the incredible story of Michael Block, nicknamed Blocky by his friends !

A story that captured the hearts of golf enthusiasts ahead of the US PGA Championship 2023.


The story of a golf instructor : Michael Block

It all began at his club, the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, in the town of Mission Viejo, California, just over an hour north of San Diego.

One morning, he received a phone call from the tournament organizers announcing his selection as a guest player for the US PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club. Indeed, as this is the Professional Golfers’ Association’s major tournament, it’s often the case that certain golf teachers or professionals are invited to play in this major tournament..

A moment that was filmed and posted on twitter 

Michael Block - Big News live twitter


At the moment, this player from Saint Louis is giving golf lessons to his clients, and taking part in certain tournaments that enable him to maintain his position as 3580th player in the world!

On his club’s golf site, a superb photo showing him with a PGA cup and a price tag: $125 for 45 minutes of lessons!


A tournament and a crazy week for Michael Block

From that moment on, everything started to happen.

Several players were invited by the organization. After 2 days of competition, only Michael Block makes the Cut.

The Cut is an objective to be achieved. A number of shots over the first 2 days to be in the selection of players who play on the 3rd and 4th day (the weekend).

In fact, this target is set on Day 2, based on the leader’s score.

He passed this famous Cut with some success, as he was among the best in the provisional ranking. From then on, it’s all about watching this extra-terrestrial. The Tour players, the Pros, the public and the media all began to wonder. Who is this player ?

He’s a risk-averse, cautious player. Michael knows he’s in heaven. He’s enjoying every second of this fabulous moment of destiny.

He finishes the tournament at +1 with a 15th-ranking, with the privilege of playing the last day with Rory McIlroy.

And then came the “SLAM DUNK”.


On the 4th and final day, the pressure from the media was visible. The public was chanting his name, and all the fans around the world watching this Major were in awe of such an achievement. Michael Block is almost embarrassed.

But that’s without counting on an incredible golf shot: a SLAM DUNK.

We’re on a par 3, the ball is hit, flying through the air. The audience watches and begins to imagine where it might fall. The tension is palpable, Michael Block look up with no further interest. He knows it’s going to be on the green because the direction is right.

Except that his ball ends up directly in the hole without bouncing or touching any part of the green!

This is the apotheosis: the crowd goes wild, Rory comes to make it easier, the players on the other holes have stopped. Never has such fervor been expressed for a golf shot by a guest golf instructor, who, I remind you, charges $125 for his lesson.

the club house of Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club is getting mad, screaming and jumping up and down. With this shot, this guest becomes a legend in the history of the PGA Championship.

GOWeeZ - Ambiance de dingue au Club House



If you’d like to watch this anthology shot again, click below.


An epilogue out of the ordinary

Last round, last hole, he knows that this putt will enable him to finish in the top 15 of the 76 players remaining after the cut.

In fact, this putt will change his career considerably. He’ll get $288,333, but he doesn’t know yet. The one thing he is sure of is the number of $125 golf lessons the winnings on his ranking could represent. But is this really his concern?

Imagine the pressure so great that everyone is watching you. You’re expected, you’re on TV all over the world, last week you were giving a lesson to one of your students. You know that if you get that ball home, your life will be a whole lot easier. Your banker will call you and want to befriend you.

…can you feel the pressure?

He holed his putt, the crowd erupted in hysteria, Rory McIlroy and his caddy came to congratulate him warmly. Rory McIlroy and his caddy came to congratulate him warmly, his wife on the Green was moved and American television was treated to the moment.

Following this feat, the director of the following week’s Pro tournament on Tour calls him in the middle of an interview to tell him that he has been invited to take part!

The fairy tale continues for Michael Block

Sporting Values.

An incredible moment that will go down in golf history. Golf has strong values that we like to emphasize at GOWeeZ.

You don’t play against an opponent like in tennis, but against yourself. It’s about the will to excel.

Like other sports, you have to follow the rules. Etiquette, as we say, you have to respect your playing partner. We’re not talking about opponents here. We also respect the pitch and the serenity of the setting.

Emotions for Michael Block and for all the viewers. This moment will be one of his fondest memories. He will have met his idols, he will have been supported by the crowd. He made a shot that everyone will remember on a par 3. An intense emotion to be experienced 100% in the moment.

Live the moment as if it were your last, perhaps that’s the rule for a fulfilled life?

Since 2016, at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, we’ve also had our moments of happiness with friendly participants, players of all levels. High-value encounters and bonds have been forged thanks to this exclusive day on a golf course.

Competition between investors and entrepreneurs is a privileged moment that facilitate the relationship.

We invite you to watch this video interview with Michael Block on the course during the tournament:

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