Artificial intelligence at the heart of business competitiveness

Intelligence Artificielle – I.A

These days, technological change is emerging as the main catalyst for competitiveness. Within this constantly changing panorama, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as an essential driving force.

It is redefining the boundaries of operational efficiency and innovation.

Companies aspire to remain the economic engine of a country, but also the fulfilment of the individual. The symbiosis between artificial intelligence and competitiveness is becoming imperative.

This article explores how AI, as a powerful technological tool, is being transformed into an essential strategic lever, propelling companies towards new successes in a sustainable ecosystem.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of CIO thinking.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the debate on the digitisation of businesses. It is bringing significant improvements in a number of areas.

The first pillar is saving time for greater productivity. We wrote an article on the company KONATUS, which GOWeeZ is supporting in its development. KONATUS offers on-board AI for PPMs. (read the article)

Saving time through AI also means automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Data entry, email management and other administrative processes. This frees up time to focus on more strategic actions.

AI-powered chatbots have become essential for customer service.

Responding quickly to frequently asked questions. Managing simple requests or even transactions.

These AI-powered actions improve customer service efficiency.

In addition, artificial intelligence facilitates advanced data analysis and identifies trends, predicting patterns and providing actionable information.

Decision-making is based on more accurate and rapidly available data. This strengthens the company’s operational strategy.

A.I. algorithms are used to optimise supply chains and logistics processes.

They enable more efficient stock management. Smarter mobility and anticipation of needs based on demand patterns.

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Artificial intelligence improves customer experience and fraud detection

Personalising customer experiences uses directed AI to analyse customer behaviour and provide personalised shopping offers based on identified interests.

Product recommendations based on individual preferences, targeted marketing campaigns and adaptive user interfaces are concrete examples.

This is the case with Facebook, which for years has presented a personalised interface based on surfing habits and content.

The process is increasingly optimised by removing or adding buttons or functions.

The Holy Grail is a customised interface for each user. Artificial intelligence is challenging all types of framework.


Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in security and fraud detection. It provides advanced solutions for anticipating, identifying and preventing malicious activity.

By analysing user behaviour patterns in real time, A.I. effectively detects abnormal behaviour (unusual transactions, connections from unusual locations, etc.) that could be assimilated to fraud.

Self-learning algorithms can detect these anomalies in the data. In cyber security, this means identifying patterns or events that deviate from the norm.


So, using predictive models, AI systems can generate preventive alerts even before fraud occurs.

Artificial intelligence is often used in biometric-based security solutions, such as facial, fingerprint or iris recognition.

AI can assign risk scores to transactions based on multiple factors. If scores are high, alerts are triggered for further verification.

There are so many areas of investigation that we are still struggling to define the boundaries of the playground.

It is now important for a company to think that A.I. is as important today as having a presence on the Web was in the 90s and 2000s.

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Article written by Fabrice Clément

Fondateur de GOWeeZ et de MY PITCH IS GOOD

Technological change is emerging as the main driver for competitiveness. Within this constantly changing landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is booming as an essential enabler. It is redefining the boundaries of operational efficiency and innovation. At a time when companies aspire to remain the economic engine of a country, but above all the fulfilment of the individual, the symbiosis between AI and competitiveness is becoming imperative.

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