GOWEEZ partners ASAGE for its Golf and Multisports event

GOWEEZ partners ASAGE for its Golf and Multisports event


Every year, GOWEEZ supports a Swiss event that attracts a lot of interest.

The ASAGE (Association Suisse des Amis des Grandes Ecoles) offers numerous events throughout the year.

On a beautiful spring day, a full agenda offers members of the association the chance to enjoy sporting competitions, networking meetings and a GALA evening in aid of two charities, Enfants du Monde and Swim4hope

We explain what ASAGE, has to offer, its events and its services.


What does ASAGE offer?


ASAGE is a federation of alumni associations from schools and universities. These include HEC Paris, SciencePo, Kedge, tbs Business School, ASSAS Pars II and Centralesupélec.

ASAGE, or ‘Association Suisse des Amis des Grandes Ecoles’, is a bit like the superhero of alumni associations.


Their mission?

To add a pinch of magic (and a lot of added value) to the alumni clubs of the best Swiss, European and international universities and schools.


How do they do it?

By organising incredibly original events, where the speakers are stars, the venues are prestigious and the programmes are interactive, all in an atmosphere so convivial you’d think you were at a fondue party with friends. And, to top it all off, these events also contribute to local development, be it economic, social, cultural or sporting.


But wait, it gets better!

ASAGE is also passionate volunteers who are out to prove that the whole really can be more than the sum of its parts.

With 25 alumni associations in their team, they produce events of a quality that even the best individual associations couldn’t dream of organising on their own.

True to its Swiss roots, ASAGE functions as a kind of well-oiled federation, providing support without ever stealing the limelight. In short, ASAGE does not seek to replace its member associations, but to help them shine even brighter. That’s why communication and organisation are essentially handled by each member association, ensuring that every voice is heard and every event is a resounding success.


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What events does ASAGE offer?


Imagine a world where success goes hand in hand with unforgettable festivities and exciting discoveries.

Their aim is to take you on an annual adventure of 4 to 6 major events, tailor-made to meet the wishes of our Alumni.

To start with, let’s dive ‘into the heart of the company’. You don’t need a wetsuit, just your curiosity to explore behind the scenes of business.

Then join us for an evening of discussions with experts on HR and careers, for example. You’ll not only leave with answers, but also with a healthy dose of inspiration for your career path.

If you’re the type who likes green and elegant swings,

The Golf & Multisports Trophy is for you. During the day, you’ll be able to take part in other sports thanks to a multisport programme. Durant cette journée d’autres sports sont possible grâce à un programme multisport.

After the effort, it’s time for comfort with a gala dinner worthy of the greatest.

And because ASAGE knows that its alumni deserve the very best, we’re inviting you to discover some of the prestigious venues that have been opened exclusively for you. Prepare to be dazzled!

Exceptional speakers are never short of captivating topics. Whatever the theme, you’ll always leave enriched.

Finally, to tantalise your taste buds, ASAGE offers ‘Plaisirs & Découvertes’ evenings. Gastronomy and conviviality are on the agenda for an unforgettable sensory experience.

But that’s not all! ASAGE has put together a range of services based around three key pillars:

HR-Career workshops, led by Essec Alumni, to fine-tune your career path.
Entrepreneurship workshops, run by Arts & Métiers, for those who want to turn their ideas into reality.

In short, the success of ASAGE is a blend of discoveries, encounters and enriching experiences. To be enjoyed without moderation!



What is the programme for the ASAGE Golf and Multisports event?


An unforgettable event: Golf Open & Multisports Meeting with ASAGE

An exceptional day of sport, relaxation and networking.

Friday 14 June 2024 from 12 noon, at the Golf & Restaurant du Domaine de Divonne-les-Bains.

Nestled between the majestic Mont Blanc and the sparkling waters of Lake Geneva, this event once again promises a memorable experience.

ASAGE invites you to a unique event where conviviality and sport take centre stage. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store.

Golf enthusiasts will be delighted.
At noon, the ASAGE Golf Tournament begins with tee-offs for the 18 holes (index <36). Then come the tee-offs for the 9 holes. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or an enthusiastic novice, this competition is made for you.

For all-rounders, a tennis tournament where the spirit of competition and camaraderie come together.
There are also golf discovery or improvement sessions, to help you perfect your swing or introduce you to this noble sport.
And why not try a game of pétanque or a session of Hatha Yoga for those seeking relaxation and calm in a suitable setting.

The prize-giving ceremony promises to be a vertiginous occasion to celebrate all the sporting achievements of the day. This would not be possible without the generosity of our partners : Absolument Chocolat, Artist’Way, Bolle-La Licorne, Hagerty, Maison Payen 1730, Le Roi Arthur and GOWeeZ

After the sport, the comfort, with an aperitif and networking, the ideal opportunity to forge links and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is followed by a welcome speech and a sit-down buffet meal, with a delicious choice of dishes to tantalise your taste buds.
Finally, an evening of dancing to round off the day in style.


A full day rich in emotion and encounters


Whether it’s hitting a ball on the green. Measuring yourself against others in tennis. Aiming just right in pétanque or finding your zen in yoga, every participant will find something to entertain and relax them. And after the effort, the comfort! The aperitif and dinner will offer special moments for enriching exchanges, while the evening dance promises to turn this get-together into an unforgettable party.


Why take part?

The ASAGE Open de Golf & Rencontre Multisports is not just a sports day, it’s a celebration of community spirit. It’s a chance to meet like-minded people, strengthen existing bonds and create new ones, all while enjoying an exceptional setting.

Join us for a day where sport and fun go hand in hand. ASAGE guarantees you an experience that’s as rewarding as it is fun, a moment out of time in an enchanting setting. So get your diaries out and join us on 14 June for what promises to be an unforgettable day!

As well as being a partner of ASAGE, every year GOWeeZ, organises sports and business events such as the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE or MY PITCH IS GOOD.


Article written by Fabrice Clément

Advisor dans l'art du Pitch - Révéler votre art oratoire avec GOWeeZ. et MY PITCH IS GOOD !

Every year, GOWEEZ supports the Swiss event that attracts so much interest: the Golf and Multisports event. A day that offers members of the association the chance to enjoy sporting competitions and networking meetings. Plus a GALA evening to raise funds for charities.

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Every year, GOWeeZ is a partner of the ASAGE event (Association Suisse des amis des Grandes Ecoles); an opportunity to enjoy a day in the Divonne-les-bains golf course, to play
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