START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE – The event dedicated to the ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and private equity

START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, the event dedicated to the ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and private equity

In 2017, when we launched the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, we saw just one objective above all others: to facilitate the link, and desacralise the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs.

Today, anyone can create a start-up!

‘When you pitch, without slides, in front of an audience, you have no choice but to give the best of yourself’. So said the founder of the Start-Up Golf Challenge,

Fabrice Clément sur BFM Business

Introducing the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE. This is your chance to enjoy an exceptional day with a full programme. It includes a golf competition or initiation. This is an opportunity to meet the key players who contribute to the development of the business investment ecosystem and the vitality of start-ups.


A pitch session at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?


Can you imagine being plunged into the heart of an exciting entrepreneurial adventure?

Do you remember that hectic pitch session, when you had to compete with audacity to present your project to an investor? Now the action takes place in a bucolic setting, on a prestigious golf course, with the first editions in Paris taking place at Golf du Prieuré in 2017.

On the golf course, nature envelops you, with its soothing whispers and melodious birdsong. The peaceful atmosphere of a nature getaway, with or without your golf clubs!

This is the setting for the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, where the hustle and bustle of the city is silenced by the harmonies of nature. In this haven of peace, discussions with investors and entrepreneurs take place in a serene atmosphere. Here, time seems to stand still.

Along the way, you’ll interact with your fellow players, sharing the challenges of the field while passionately discussing your company. You confidently describe your vision, your motivations and your needs, without the slightest hint of stress.

Every club stroke becomes a metaphor for your entrepreneurial journey, every exchange an opportunity to forge new links and realise your ambitions.


START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE - Paris 2024 - 2 players on the green waiting for your registration
START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE – Paris 2024 – Join us !


2024, 8th edition of Paris, friday 21th june. 

At dawn, the golf course awakens to the first rays of sunshine on the longest day of the year :).

We welcome participants to the Start-Up Golf Challenge. Over a convivial breakfast, the excitement builds as the rules of the game are solemnly laid out.

The Shot Gun tee-off marks the start of a frantic competition, where every shot counts. Meanwhile, beginners discover the basics of golf during a guided initiation, combining discovery and camaraderie.

Lunch, shared in the clubhouse, is a welcome break. There’s plenty to talk about, punctuated by the inspiring contributions of the Speakers, who bring fresh ideas to the table.

The afternoon sees the unveiling of MY PITCH IS GOOD. A pitch session where the start-ups selected by our jury defend their projects with passion and ambition, with the audience listening attentively. There’s no PowerPoint.

Finally, the day culminates in the prize-giving ceremony, celebrating the performances of players of all levels, and the fruitful encounters.

A cocktail party to say thank you brings a memorable day of passion, discovery and success to a close.


We tell you about a previous edition : 


On the verdant course of the prestigious Golf de l’Isle Adam, an intense battle was played out between the teams. Some represented the investor family and others the entrepreneur family.

Grégory Bocquenet and Olivier Portier, two entrepreneurs with a passion for this noble sport, formed a team determined to win.

They had never met before. But as the holes went by, their complicity was evident in every shot, every strategy devised with millimetre precision. Despite the difficult obstacles of this golf course, they remained calm and concentrated and supported each other.

And it was on the last putt that Grégory and Olivier knew they had played well, although they didn’t know if they were going to win.

After lunch, it was announced that this fine team had won!


Winners 1et NET - Grégory Bocquenet - Olivier Portier - Start-up Golf Challenge
Winners 1et NET – Grégory Bocquenet – Olivier Portier – SUGC


At the Lunch – SUGC


MY PITCH IS GOOD, The Pitch Session

Since 2017, more than 600 applications have been submitted to the platform.

Each application was examined by members of the jury, including investors, business angels, VCs and executives from major groups.

We were able to give a great deal of advice during the event on how to prepare and how to submit an application. Unleash Your Startup’s Potential: My Pitch Is Good !

At this exclusive event for visionary minds, a series of captivating presentations lit up the stage.

It began with Nadim Takchi, founder of Openstone, who presented a revolutionary alternative real estate investment platform, specially designed for demanding private banking clients.

Antoine Deslandes, Founder of Kolibri Golf, presented a technology for accurately tracking the trajectories of golf balls on the driving range.

Then came Caroline Audrechy, founder of 1836, with a bold proposal for securing the operational continuity of SMEs.

French creativity and expertise were also in the spotlight with Léa Maleh, founder of Maison Maleh. Her contemporary tableware and home accessories are designed in Paris and handmade in France.

Finally, Mathieu Zuber brought the show to a close with the unveiling of Morning Baguette, a revolutionary delivery service for freshly baked products. His concept, which combines tradition and modernity, was a great success, and promises to delight the taste buds of even the most discerning gourmets.

Which start-ups will be pitching?

You have until 15 June 2024 to make yourself visible to our investors and jury members.

Submit your application on


Why sport, and golf in particular, can make it easier to meet people for investment purposes


It’s obvious that sport, and more specifically golf, offers an ideal setting for facilitating business meetings.

In fact, we wrote an article on MY PITCH IS GOOD about the best places and sports clubs to meet your next business partners.

First of all, golf is a sport, a noble one with etiquette that is often played in teams or in the company of other people.

This naturally creates an environment conducive to social interaction and informal exchanges.

On the course, participants have the opportunity to chat, forge links and get to know each other better, all of which fosters the creation of solid and lasting professional relationships.

What’s more, golf is a sport that requires time and patience. A round of golf lasts several hours, which allows players to have in-depth conversations and take the time to exchange ideas.

This time spent together fosters the creation of bonds of trust, an essential element in investment.

In addition, golf is often associated with a certain elegance and a spirit of fair play. Players are encouraged to respect the rules of the game and to show courtesy to their partners. This code of conduct fosters a respectful and professional environment, which is particularly important in a business context.


Alors on s’inscrit ?


The START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE is aimed at people from all walks of life, whatever their age, level of golfing ability or professional field.

We like to create a variety of networking opportunities, enabling players in the ecosystem to meet potential partners they might not otherwise have met.

In short, we offer a unique framework to facilitate investment meetings by combining the fun of the game with meaningful professional networking opportunities.

At GOWeeZ, Every year, we organise sports and business events such as the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE. We are also partners in the compétition de l’ASAGE , (Association Suisse des Amis des Grands Ecoles)

So don’t miss any events and, take your ticket for the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE ?

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Article written by Fabrice Clément

Advisor dans l'art du Pitch - Révéler votre art oratoire avec GOWeeZ. et MY PITCH IS GOOD !

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Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a sophisticated method for making Large Language Models (LLMs) even more efficient. It adds new capabilities to generative AI by retrieving more up-to-date and accurate data
Every year, GOWeeZ is a partner of the ASAGE event (Association Suisse des amis des Grandes Ecoles); an opportunity to enjoy a day in the Divonne-les-bains golf course, to play
For the past 8 years, the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE has been the premier golfing event for INVESTORS and ENTREPRENEURS. A full programme is on offer for innovation players, including a
Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a sophisticated method for making Large Language Models (LLMs) even more efficient. It adds new capabilities to generative AI by retrieving more up-to-date and accurate data
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