Unleash Your Startup’s Potential: My Pitch Is Good !

In the ever-evolving startup landscape, standing out is key to achieving success.

My Pitch Is Good, a pitching session held within the Startup Golf Challenge, presents an extraordinary opportunity to gain recognition, establish valuable connections, and secure vital funding. With an impressive six seasons in the books, the upcoming seventh season promises to be even more extraordinary.

Let’s explore the ten game-changing advantages of joining My Pitch Is Good and why startups should seize this moment to propel their journey to unprecedented heights.


1. Unforgettable Networking Opportunities

My Pitch Is Good isn’t your average pitching event—it’s a fusion of electrifying pitches, exhilarating golf rounds, and shared meals with industry experts, investors, and mentors. Imagine the power of forging meaningful connections in a captivating environment, setting the stage for potential partnerships, collaborations, and invaluable mentorship.


2. Seasoned Jury Members

The competition’s panel of esteemed jury members is a testament to its prestige. These industry experts meticulously evaluate startup applications, offering priceless feedback and recognition to the most promising ventures. By participating, startups gain access to insights and guidance from the best in the business world.


3. Amplified Credibility and Exposure

Getting selected for My Pitch Is Good instantly amplifies your startup’s credibility and exposure within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This competition acts as a catalyst, capturing the attention of potential investors and partners. As part of the agenda, selected start-ups are given the opportunity to showcase their vision and story through video interviews and articles featured on My Pitch is Good website.


4. Access to GOWeeZ Investors

My Pitch Is Good brings together a curated audience of investors who actively seek groundbreaking opportunities. This is your moment to showcase your ideas, products, and vision directly to potential investors. By participating in My Pitch is Good, you may have the opportunity to leverage on the large pool of GOWeeZ investors – in addition to the jury members. 


5. Exclusive networking event

My Pitch is Good takes networking to a whole new level by offering an exclusive and intimate gathering. Unlike crowded conferences and events, My Pitch is Good ensures a limited number of participants, creating an environment where meaningful connections can truly flourish. Set in a breathtaking location, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your same passion for innovation.


6. Mentorship and Guidance

Beyond funding, My Pitch Is Good places great emphasis on the power of mentorship and guidance. By participating, your startup gains access to experienced mentors and industry professionals who can provide invaluable insights, advice, and support. These connections can navigate you through the complexities of the startup landscape, steering you towards triumph.


7. Learning and Development

My Pitch Is Good presents an invaluable opportunity for startups to learn, grow, and evolve. Engage with industry leaders, executives from corporates, successful entrepreneurs, and fellow participants to foster personal and professional development. This event is your chance to expand your skill set, learn from others, and adapt strategies that will lead to unprecedented success.


8. Social Media Coverage

The buzz surrounding My Pitch Is Good attracts the attention of media outlets, placing participating startups in the spotlight. From social media coverage to interviews, your startup gains increased visibility and recognition. This newfound presence can drive customer acquisition, attract potential partners, and elevate your brand’s reputation. Each participating start-up will be featured on My Pitch Is Good website and YouTube channel as well!


9. Gain more Business Opportunity

My Pitch Is Good cultivates a collaborative atmosphere that lays the foundation for startups to explore partnerships and collaborations with like-minded ventures. Connect with fellow participants, leverage complementary strengths, and forge powerful relationships that accelerate growth and drive innovation.


10. Validation and Recognition

Securing a spot in My Pitch Is Good serves as a resounding validation and recognition of your startup’s potential and achievements. The endorsement from this enhances your credibility and instills confidence in investors and partners alike. This validation sets your startup on an unstoppable trajectory towards unprecedented success.


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In conclusion, My Pitch Is Good offers an exceptional platform for startups in the pre-seed stage to series A to showcase their talents, secure funding, and establish connections that will propel them forward. This is the moment to embrace the power of My Pitch Is Good, seize the opportunity, and embark on a journey that will redefine the future of your startup. Don’t let this chance slip away—apply now and witness the transformation that awaits your startup!


Click here to watch the testimonial on YouTube and get a firsthand account of the incredible benefits that My Pitch Is Good can offer.

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Article written by Aisyah Pichot

Project Manager of GOWeeZ

The article discusses the benefits and advantages of participating in "My Pitch Is Good !" a pitching session held within the Startup Golf Challenge. It highlights opportunities for startups to gain recognition, establish valuable connections, secure funding, and receive mentorship, ultimately propelling their journey to success in the startup landscape.

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