KONATUS, A.I. for your projects (PPM)

KONATUS is positioning itself as a pioneer with its revolutionary Project Portfolio Management (PPM) module. This innovative tool was designed in collaboration with the computer science laboratories of France’s École Polytechnique engineering school (World-renowned).

It represents a significant advance in the field of AI-driven project management. As we dive into the future of project management, KONATUS stands out as a major player, offering an innovative perspective on efficient, intelligent portfolio management.


Patented Excellence

At the heart of KONATUS is a patented methodology and data model, exhibiting the pinnacle of technological expertise. Developed in partnership with École Polytechnique, the KONATUS framework boasts a solid foundation that sets it apart in the competitive marketplace.


Algorithmic precision

KONATUS redefines portfolio management for IT departments, offering unrivalled speed and precision thanks to its advanced algorithmic calculations.

This not only improves efficiency, but also empowers teams to make informed decisions quickly. As a result, project deadlines and resource allocation are optimized.


Seamless integration

One of the distinguishing features of KONATUS is its ability to interconnect seamlessly with existing systems such as JIRA and SAP.

This interoperability not only saves time by simplifying processes, but also translates into substantial time and cost savings over the course of a year. KONATUS becomes a consistent addition to your technology ecosystem, enhancing rather than disrupting your workflow.



Unmatched Mathematical Model

Behind the scenes, KONATUS boasts a mathematical model developed over three years. It’s designed to be difficult to reproduce. This commitment to innovation and uniqueness ensures that KONATUS stays ahead of the curve. Providing a solution that’s not only effective, but also hard for competitors to match.

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Curious to find out more? Watch the interview below (in french) :

What does Konatus offer?

Konatus is first and foremost an innovative solution for automating project portfolio management.

By responding to a problem, combining Workload VS Capacity

In no time at all, our solution will automate and manage your schedule.

Why do we do this?

Because, as you know, all project managers have to deal with time budgeting issues.

And the need to deliver projects on time.

And we’ve developed our solution in close collaboration with the computer laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique.

Where we have been able to patent our data model in France and internationally create an algorithm that will enable us to meet this challenge.

What type of CIO is Konatus designed for?

First of all, you only need an IT department of 50 people to make it worthwhile.

Because managing the schedules of 50 people by hand already takes half a day.

Not only do we save time and money, but we’re also flexible, i.e. when there’s the slightest problem, we don’t have to wait 3 months for the next planning session to redo the schedule.

And what’s more, in a short space of time, our software will also be able to say: “I recommend you hire this team, because that’s where you’ll be most effective in improving your planning”.

Currently, all project portfolio management software shows you when there’s an overload.

You have to set up your schedule by hand, i.e. when you need to position tasks according to team availability.

How does it differ from other software on the market?

We have a button, it’s practically a magic button. You press it and it will automatically find the best allocation for you.

It’ll move tasks around so that your schedule works. It respects team capacity and prioritizes projects. Basically, our competitor is Excel and post-it notes, because the other programs don’t do that.

Max Stellmacher – CEO of KONATUS.io


What will your fundraising be used for?

We need to raise money to package the solution.

The basic algorithm exists, now the idea is to allow it to be a third party, typically an ESN. You know the whole list of ESNs, and concentrate on publishing,

In other words, we’re sticking to the classic software publishing model, finishing the packaging based on this existing algorithm, and also having the working capital, because we’re dealing with enterprise information systems, just like any other information system, we’re dealing with somewhat long cycle times,

The first tests have been conclusive with certain manufacturers, but on-boarding takes time,

We’ll say 2/3 for R&D and 1/3 for working capital.

We have estimated our fund-raising needs at 400,000, and have already secured ¼ of this amount. The fact that we’re tagged French tech and DeepTech.

We’ll be able to benefit from the innovup boost, which will enable us to double this amount in equity.

How was your day at SUGC?

Super, we made great contacts, we were in a beautiful setting and above all the event organizer, it was a great event and to be recommended to future fundraisers and industrialists.

Interview conducted at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Paris by Fabrice Clément at Golf de l’Isle Adam.

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Article written by Fabrice Clément

Fondateur de GOWeeZ et de MY PITCH IS GOOD

MY PITCH IS GOOD interview with Max Stellmacher and Martin delattre, the two co-founders of KONATUS, at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE in Paris.

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