The Key Points of your pitch-deck to be relevant in front of the investor

Venture capitalists are always on the lookout for companies with strong pitch-deck performances.

In France, well-known examples include Big Mama and Sunday, which were financed by large business angels.

The convincing force of co-founders Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux was their scalability and ability to address a huge market of over €1 billion. The pitch-deck had to demonstrate a vision and an ability to follow it through.

In this case, the high stakes justify the high valuation. Even if this may seem destabilising, a valuation anticipates gigantic future cash flows, as seen with giants such as Facebook or Google.

So the exponential growth of a start-up is characterised by high growth rates.

This valuation can be mathematically demonstrated using the discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation technique.

In other articles, we will explain the nuances of the different types of company valuation. 

In other articles  we will explain the nuances of the different types of company valuation.. 

Elements of your Pitch-Deck


In a more pleasant vein, we’re going to turn this article to the elements of your pitch-deck that you need to work on to lend credibility to your desired valuation.

If you want to succeed in raising funds from investors, it’s best not to get bogged down in an approximate presentation of the following points.


The “Pain Point” – The problem you solve


Let’s take the example of identifying a specific problem. You need to quantify its impact and explain why solving this problem is crucial for the market you are addressing. By extension, also for the economy as a whole.

Don’t hesitate to draw on recent studies. Demonstrate that this problem persists over time. Or even that it is undermining the sector’s economic performance.

GOWeeZ - Pitchdeck - Pain Point


In the pitch deck, put forward your solution, which is the perfect answer to the problem.


A convincing presentation of the solution must captivate the audience by demonstrating why your product or service is not only necessary, but also superior to any existing alternative.

It’s crucial to create a persuasive narrative that highlights your company’s uniqueness and added value.

Here are some key elements to consider in order to do this effectively:

  • The uniqueness of your value proposition. What makes your solution unique. A different approach, cutting-edge technology, or a particular design or experience.
    Added value. Highlighting the tangible and intangible benefits.
  • Positive impact, or how to go beyond mere profitability. Investors are increasingly sensitive to this.
  • Your understanding of the market. You should demonstrate a good knowledge of the market.
  • Your innovation roadmap.
  • Your commitment to and desire for continuous improvement and adaptation to market changes.


The pitch-deck presents your target market


Clearly define the target market, its size and growth potential.

Also show the players in the market. Make a good analysis of the competition. This will show how your offer stands out in your target market, which may be specific.

Show that the company has identified a specific niche and is capable of capturing it. This may involve pilot tests or limited launches to validate your target market. Real feedback can refine your understanding.

In this way, you ensure that your target market is aligned with the value proposition. A clearly defined market must also be sufficiently adaptable to keep pace with changing needs and trends.


The Business Model

Explain how the company plans to generate revenue. Present a solid and viable business model.

This involves a number of points: 

  • A simple explanation of the business model.
  • Presenting the different sources of revenue, with segmentation and the different types of contributors to this source.
  • Pricing must be presented as part of a strategy. If you have a very competitive price, explain why this is sustainable and that you can generate profit margins.
  • Market size (see above) and estimated revenue from market share
  • Let’s talk a little more about revenue growth. How do you expect your sales to grow over time?
  • Set out your costs and gross margins.
  • The costs associated with producing, distributing, selling and maintaining products or services.
  • Calculate gross margins to show financial viability.
  • If you can, include sensitivity scenarios to show how revenues could be affected by adverse variations in market conditions, costs, or other external factors.
  • In addition, if necessary, indicate when profitability is expected to be achieved.

Finally, a comparison with other successful examples or models.


Market traction and growth strategy


Present tangible evidence of traction, such as users, customers or partnerships. Show that the company has reached significant milestones.

Usually a use case with a customer will demonstrate this traction. This successful collaboration with the customer should demonstrate that the model can be duplicated with other prospects in the sector.

Outline the strategy you are going to put in place to grow the business. Highlighting short- and long-term opportunities.


GOWeeZ - News Stratégie d'innovation - chris-liverani


The barrier to entry.


In this exercise, you need to explain the barriers that may deter competitors from entering the market.

A patent is generally a strong asset in securing your pitch. Exclusive partnerships or unique expertise can also add consistency to your Pitch-deck.

However, it is useful, perhaps in another slide, to demonstrate your ability to manage potential risks


Use of the Funds.


Set out in detail how the funds raised will be used.

Make sure you are in line with the level of performance mastered by your teams with the use of the funds.

Many start-ups want to raise money to accelerate their marketing and sales. Demonstrate a good knowledge of digital levers and the digital marketing sector. Make sure you are well supported in this area. Over the years, GOWeeZ has helped young companies with their go-to-market strategy.

As you can see, investors want to understand how their investment will contribute to the company’s growth.


Finally the Exit.


The exit is of interest to investors. In fact, indicating the potential exit strategy for investors, such as an acquisition or another future round, reinforces the company’s long-term vision.

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Article written by Fabrice Clément

Fondateur de GOWeeZ et de MY PITCH IS GOOD

A successful pitch is a performative one. It must be clear, convincing, results-oriented and demonstrate that the entrepreneurial team has an in-depth understanding of its market and the challenges it faces. The entrepreneur highlights the uniqueness of his solution by emphasising sustainability, while demonstrating the added value compared with traditional competitors.

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