A Swing at the Startup Golf Challenge & My Pitch Is Good 2023

The spirit of innovation was shining brightly at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE – Paris 7th edition, hosted by GoWeeZ. This unique event, held at golf courses, provides a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs and investors to forge valuable connections. 



The START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE  has carved a unique niche for itself in the world of business networking. It aims to foster camaraderie among investors and entrepreneurs by placing them in the lush green fairways of golf courses. Founded by Fabrice Clement in 2017, the event has consistently provided a relaxed yet productive environment for forging valuable connections.

Despite a little rain in the morning, at L’Isle Adam, the event maintained a vibrant atmosphere throughout the day. The event’s beautiful location and excellent cuisine ensured that participants were in high spirits. The day started with a welcome breakfast for the golf players, the golf competition, followed by a golf initiation for beginners.



The Pitching Session

A highlight of the event was the “My Pitch Is Good” session, where five startups, shortlisted by the Jury, were invited and had the opportunity to showcase their ventures without the aid of elaborate presentations. The simplicity of the format put the focus squarely on the entrepreneurs and their ideas.



The Startups that Pitched

  • Nadim Takchi, founder of Openstone, introduced an alternative real estate investment platform for private banking clients.
  • Antoine Deslandes, founder of Kolibri Golf, presented a digital solution for tracking golf ball trajectories on the driving range.
  • Caroline Audrechy, founder of 1836, offered a solution to secure the operational continuity of SMEs.
  • Léa Maleh, founder of Maison Maleh, showcased contemporary tableware and home accessories, designed in Paris and handmade in France.
  • Mathieu Zuber, founder of Morning Baguette, presented a delivery service for freshly baked goods straight from the bakery.


The event seamlessly blended golf competition with networking and pitching sessions. Golf has always been a sport known for fostering camaraderie, making it an ideal backdrop for business connections. An optimized networking lunch ensured that every attendee had the opportunity to interact with others, with seat changes between courses for maximum mingling.

The Start-up Golf Challenge featured partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Femme Business Angels, France Angels, Aurelius Legal, Maddyness, and Journal Du Golf. The presence of these partners added an extra layer of expertise and networking opportunities.



Outcomes and Future Prospects

As for the outcomes, it’s still early days. However, meetings have been scheduled between entrepreneurs and investors to explore potential funding opportunities. The true impact of these connections may unfold in the months to come as partnerships, investments, and innovations take shape.

In conclusion, the Start-up Golf Challenge 7th edition proved once again that the marriage of golf, innovation, and networking is a winning formula. This event continues to be a beacon for entrepreneurs seeking investment and investors searching for the next big thing. Rain or shine, the spirit of innovation prevails, and as partnerships form and ideas flourish, the Start-up Golf Challenge remains a testament to the power of networking in unconventional settings.

Here there are some pictures of the event :

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Article written by Aisyah Pichot

Project Manager Consultant

This article recaps the 7th Start-up Golf Challenge, a unique networking event, and pitching sessions from My Pitch Is Good! that unites entrepreneurs and investors on the golf course. It highlights the event's key moments, history, atmosphere, the format of the pitching session and the startups that pitched.

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