Philosopher Bernard Stiegler answers the question: What is art?

This video dates from 2003, the Philosopher Bernard Stiegler presents us with a vision of what art represents.

It is interesting, not to say important, to listen to his definition of what art is.

For him, there is no doubt between the relationship of art and the sacred of a force that goes beyond man and that cannot be explained.

Indeed, he takes the example of these tribes in Naponia who killed seals to meet their needs.

“Let’s take a harpoon which is used to hunt seals. Its handle is chiseled. Why chisel a handle, what’s the point of catching a seal? for nothing !

But the harpoon maker, maybe he spends more time chiseling the handle than making the blade. Because his gesture must have a meaning and this gesture can only have a meaning for him on the condition of giving the seal that he is going to kill something sacred.

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