The most relevant sectors to invest in for a 3-year exit

The economic context is constantly evolving.

It’s vital to know how to identify the most promising sectors in order to make the right investments.

Here are a few areas with significant growth potential. These could offer an exit with a multiple within 3 to 5 years.


The AI sector: a booming market

France holds considerable appeal for investors in the artificial intelligence sector.

A.I. is a cross-disciplinary field that impacts a wide range of business sectors. From healthcare and fintech to sustainable development. A.I. is increasingly becoming part of the digital revolution.

Investing in companies working in this field can therefore prove particularly relevant in the short term.

This is the case of KONATUS, a company that GOWeeZ is supporting in its fund-raising.

KONATUS disrupts PPM (Portfolio Project Management) management by letting A.I. optimize project workloads, availabilities and priorities.

The result is time and cost savings, and project management without delays.

France is a world leader in artificial intelligence research. Its renowned universities and research institutes are working on cutting-edge projects. A pool of talent and expertise is available to France for a successful transformation.


Opportunities in Cybersecurity and Data Protection

The risks associated with cybercrime are ever greater.

Cyber threats and hacking are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Businesses and government organizations have a growing need for cybersecurity solutions to protect their data, systems and reputations.

Regulations such as the RGPD require companies to have effective and innovative data protection solutions.

This makes it possible to secure their business.Companies specializing in these areas are thus experiencing sustained growth and can represent an excellent investment.


Education: A Constantly Changing Sector

The digitalization of teaching and the democratization of access to education are reinforcing this expansion.

Higher education establishments must adapt to offer attractive, high-quality training.

Ed-tech is seeing the emergence of start-ups offering e-learning and continuing education solutions. It also offers educational virtual reality and other educational technologies.

As a result, business schools are particularly prized for the potential return on investment they offer students in terms of salary upon graduation.

Investing in start-ups developing digital educational tools is a relevant positioning.


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Biodiversity: Preserving Our Future While Investing

The loss of biodiversity is a global problem affecting our economies.

Growing regulation around this issue is encouraging investors to focus on companies committed to protecting the environment.

Particularly in the context of COP 15.

Investing in this sector allows us to support sustainable and responsible solutions, while benefiting from undoubted growth potential.


Select specialized, connected players

To maximize their chances of success, investors should look for companies with access to reliable data in their sector.

These start-ups work closely with regulatory, protection and government bodies. There are many opportunities to be seized in this field:

This is the case of Aléa Prévention, a company that GOWeeZ is helping to raise funds for, and which for several years has been offering, among other things, digital DUERP

(DUERP = Document Unique d’Evaluation des Risques)

The granularity of risks in a multitude of sectors enables the QHSE manager or HR director to manage compliance with confidence.



To expect a profitable exit within 3 to 5 years, investors should be particularly interested in the following sectors:

  • Digital, particularly cybersecurity and data protection
  • Education, with a focus on business schools and educational innovation
  • Environment and sustainable development, supporting responsible companies committed to ecological preservation
  • Renewable energy. An area of constant growth in France. This includes mobility and transportation
  • Other sectors, such as agrotech and foodtech, are also worth following.

It’s essential to be attentive to market developments.

Focus on innovative, long-term players to maximize your chances of success, with an effective ROE (Return On Equity).


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Article written by Christophe Rolland

Tech Lead Consultant

The article discusses investment opportunities with a 3-5 year horizon in various sectors. It highlights the potential for growth in the digital, education, and biodiversity sectors, emphasizing the importance of making informed financial decisions.

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The article discusses investment opportunities with a 3-5 year horizon in various sectors. It highlights the potential for growth in AI, digital, education, and biodiversity sectors, emphasizing the importance of