Consulting & Innovation
Supporting Change, Defining Actions and Unlocking Opportunities
Proposal & Value Architecture
Custom Developments, MVP, Challenging Business Models, Strengthening Differentiation Points
AI & New Business Models
New Uses, Innovations in Purchasing Process, Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Experience - API - Interoperability
Finance & Private Equity
Private Investors Network - Investment Funds - Debt
Networking & Business Accelerator
Networking Events, Smart Money
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Our Mission

GOWeeZ has been supporting women and men in entrepreneurship and private equity investments since 2016. Our mission revolves around three pillars :

A humane and virtuous relationship that lasts.

The ability to understand, analyze and support the manager in their strategic choices.

Building trust, creating a network of contacts, providing smart money and co-creating to strengthen leadership.

From the creation of a POC / MVP to the implementation of governance. From the definition of strategies to the complexity of solutions and architectures (Payment, Data, Web 3.0, Blockchain,...), GOWeeZ brings you the resources and experts to strengthen your teams. This can be done on a one-off basis or
GOWeeZ brings you its pen in the writing of useful elements for fundraising (Executive Summary, Pitch-Deck, Case Studies). We highlight the strong elements of your project to demonstrate a Product Market Fit, and a market traction.
We offer the appropriate services at all stages of your development, regardless of its maturity. Since 2016, we bring our expertise in strategy and innovation management for young companies, ETI and group.
GOWeeZ brings you strategic analysis and support in the development of your digital distribution channels, taking into account the new uses and personalization of customer experiences. Improving the fluidity of interactions, guaranteeing the security of the journey, and reducing areas of friction by providing Artificial Intelligence.

They have confidence in us

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My Pitch Is Good gives entrepreneurs and investment players a platform to showcase their ideas through physical or digital pitch sessions. Startups can submit their applications to be seen by our panel of judges and investors.


GOWEEZ article - Dynamique de l'équipe synergie et compétences de votre équipe

Dynamics of the cofounders: synergy and skills of your teams.

the dynamics and interaction between the co-founders, the technical team and the sales teams are essential. It is important to demonstrate the company’s overall strengths and flexibilities. We’re talking here about unique skills and different perspectives.

GOWEEZ_article - Définition de la pensée computationnelle, une compétence clé à l'aire de l'intelligence artificielle -

Definition of computational thinking, a key skill in artificial intelligence – AI

Defining computational thinking, a key skill that is important to take into account in the age of artificial intelligence. Increasingly, new generations will be required to think differently, organising both the problems identified and the solutions to be implemented. A different way of thinking to facilitate communication with Artificial Intelligence.

GOWEEZ - Définir les normes d'une collaboration saine avec ChatGPT avec GOWeeZ

GPT made my Pitch Deck

I created my pitch deck with ChatGPT. GOWeeZ gives you some advice on how to write your pitch deck. This synergy between human creativity and ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities promises a powerful result as soon as the oral and written expression is provided. We give you a few tips.

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